Author David Dunkley Gyimah

Author David Dunkley Gyimah

David Dunkley Gyimah is a senior lecturer at the University of Westminster and an international award winning videojournalist, independent filmmaker and Knight Batten Winner for Innovation in Journalism – one of the most internationally contested prizes in journalism innovation.

He is an artist-in-residence at the Southbank Centre and Chair of Jurors at the RTS News Innovation (the UK’s Emmys).

His career spans 25 years working for the likes of for BBC, e.g. Newsnight, BBC World Service, ABC News, Channel 4 News, ITN/ London Tonight, Channel One, and several other creative outlets, Ad Agencies and dot.coms.

David’s videojournalism-as-cinema work includes:

  • interviewing the former head of the CIA James Woolsey.
  • Making 100 Days, commemorating President Obama’s 100 Days in office, screened at the Southbank Centre with Conductor, writer Shirley Thompson and the RPO.
  • Being Lennox Lewis filmmaker for his world heavyweight fight with Mike Tyson
  • Creating a commercial in 15 hours from scratch aired on CNN for an International anti-war summit

He grew up schooling in the UK and Ghana completing his degree in Applied Chemistry at Leicester, before a post grad in Journalism at Falmouth and further studies in Economics at the London School of Economics.

He was one of the UK’s first officially recognised videojournalists, and lectures and trains professionals worldwide in a brand of integrated online media content productions. He has been invited to chair EU governmental debates, speak to the BBC’s global division department and has presented at the Sheffield Documentary Festival, World Association of Newspapers, SXSW, and to Fortune 100 companies. He is the Chair of jurors for the UK’s prestigious Royal Television Society Awards for news innovation.

David is Based in London.